Nurse assisting elderly man with dumbell workout during rehabilitation session

How Senior Therapy Can Improve Your Life.

Rehabilitation therapy is an important component of any recovery program, but it is essential for seniors who may have been prescribed therapy after illnesses or surgeries to keep their bodies moving and to maintain their independent functional lifestyle.

Our in-house therapy program is unique to the Prairie Village, Kansas area. We are one of a few communities around using EmpowerMe Wellness and the new Biodex balance training machine. Designed for individuals with equilibrium issues in their golden years, the Biodex screening and conditioning program can result in fewer falls, improved stability and increased mobility. Now, thanks to our partnership with EmpowerMe Wellness, residents never need to leave Mission Chateau to get the therapy care needed.

What Happens If You Go Without Physical Therapy?

If it’s not convenient to get therapy or if the treatment seems overwhelming, recovering individuals may not want to get physical therapy. What happens then? Decreased blood flow can negatively impact the healing at the surgery site. In addition, lack of physical therapy could weaken muscles and cause atrophy without regular use. That’s why Mission Chateau is a natural choice when you want treatment just steps from your apartment from a licensed professional therapist.

Biodex Balance System Helps Maintain Your Independent Life.

The Biodex system allows seniors to start a balance conditioning program that restores confidence to them after such incidences as falls. It can identify specific problems within minutes. It offers individual protocols to address lower body, strength and endurance issues. It also presents a printed progress report to track results. Most balance goals are achieved within 10 or 12 treatments. The program is managed by our own in-house trainer and covered by Medicare and most other insurers.

Residents Embrace the Convenience of In-House Equipment.

Within our senior community, we estimate at least 75% of our residents are using the program equipment. Residents are enthusiastic about the convenience of having such top-notch equipment like this in-house, especially during the pandemic. The state-of-the-art tool complements the physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy offered in our outstanding community.

EmpowerMe Wellness to Help You Reach Therapy Goals.

Our therapy program relies heavily on the EmpowerMe Wellness program. The innovative program is designed to care for the whole person, taking into account each individual’s emotional, physical and intellectual needs. It was created especially for seniors, knowing that older adults can succeed when rehabilitation services are offered as part of their daily lives.

Within our bright fitness studio, residents work with one wellness team to benefit from the services they need, whether it’s physical, occupational or speech therapy, or medication management. The specific treatment services will depend on your condition and be guided by board-certified and licensed therapists.

Conditions Helped by Therapy

It may be surprising to think a non-drug treatment can work for cancer pain, stress management, incontinence and Parkinson’s, but studies show that physical therapy can make a world of difference. The American Physical Therapy Association reports physical therapy can restore or increase strength. It is also beneficial for enhancing range of motion, flexibility, coordination and endurance.

Therapy helps with these health conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cancer pain
  • Incontinence
  • Strokes
  • Parkinson’s
  • Alzheimer’s

Our talented health care professionals are skilled at taking your goals and customizing an original therapy plan that can help you succeed.

An All-Encompassing Community in the Heart of Prairie Village

Our expertise in the senior living industry has shown us that aging adults don’t just want help with the activities of daily living. They also want a comprehensive community that addresses their wellness, mental, emotional, physical and social needs. That’s why our community was meticulously designed from the ground up for seniors to deliver the highest quality services, amenities and care. Ask about these multiple programs and amenities that enhance healthy living:

  • Heated pool and Jacuzzi brimming with fitness benefits
  • Gym and yoga studio equipped for all levels of ability
  • Instructor-led exercise classes, personal training and health coaching
  • Flowering gardens for refreshing walks and respite
  • Chef-prepared, nutritious cuisine to meet dietary restrictions or tastes
  • Daily life enrichment activities

Our person-centered approach ensures we craft a lifestyle unique to you. A lifestyle inspired by you. With so much right outside your apartment door, you’ll find we’re anything but ordinary. To see how our therapy services can impact your life, call for more details: 913-490-7100.