Mission Chateau Warm Up Resident

Leave Winter Maintenance Behind. Gift Yourself with a Relaxing Lifestyle.

Take the chill off winter and warm up to an easy-breezy lifestyle. The holiday season may bring joy, but it also brings home upkeep headaches like shoveling snow, facing frozen pipes and jump-starting cars that won’t start. At Mission Chateau, we take care of both indoor and outdoor maintenance so you can spend more time with those you love. When you move here, you can get rid of that snow blower and shovel. Ditch the ladder and rake because you won’t be cleaning gutters or raking leaves ever again either.

Instead, you’ll be able to spend every day in our luxurious surroundings doing exactly what you’ve worked your whole life to do … whatever you want!

Why Seniors Need to Stay Warm During Winter

Did you know that being really cold can make you sick? Everyone may feel cold every once in a while during the most severe months of winter, but older adults in particular can lose body heat faster than younger people. Aging changes your body so it cannot cope with freezing temperatures as well as before. Lower temperatures can present a big problem for seniors before you even know what is happening to your body. The problem is called hypothermia.

According to the National Institute on Aging, hypothermia occurs when a body temperature gets too low. Body temperatures of 95F or lower can result in health problems for seniors including a heart attack, liver damage or kidney problems. The American Heart Association reports that seniors who have cardiovascular conditions can have increased side effects in the cold due to lower temperatures and winds. Those weather issues reduce body heat, causing blood vessels to constrict and to require more oxygen to reach the entire body.

Being Too Cold Indoors Can Also Lead to Hypothermia

It may be surprising to learn that being in a very cold house can also lead to hypothermia. Keep track of inside temperatures so they are at least 68F and make sure you are dressed warmly in layers. Those who are sick may experience more trouble staying warm. This is especially dangerous for seniors who live alone. There may be no one else to feel how cold the residence has become or or to notice if you are experiencing symptoms of hypothermia.

Warning Signs of Hypothermia

Hypothermia kills about 600 Americans every year, half of whom are 65 or older, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Make sure your friends and family are aware of the warning signs of hypothermia because it can occur at any age. Here are some early clues:

  • Exceptionally cold hands and feet
  • Pale skin
  • Acting sleepy
  • Shivering
  • Puffy or swollen face
  • Being confused
  • Slurred words

The Beauty of Maintenance-Free Living

When you think about your retirement, you want to feel secure about your future. You don’t want to risk getting hypothermia, slipping on ice, or driving in sleet. That’s the beauty of maintenance-free living – you’re free from those weather worries. We’re equally prepared to serve you indoors. If you need someone to repair your stove, change a lightbulb, unclog a drain, or check your furnace – we’re at your service. When you move here, you can leave those hassles behind.

Our all-inclusive residential maintenance gives you a precious gift – more time. Residents here enjoy the freedom of peace of mind so they can simply relax in a warm, well-appointed apartment home or indulge in the variety of outstanding amenities and programs we offer without ever leaving the building.

Wintertime Depression Can Result from Isolation

You can see how you are more vulnerable to getting sick or injured during significant temperature drops. But winter brings other significant risks as well. When it’s more difficult to get out of the house, you can experience loneliness. You may find that during the holidays and winter months, you are reminded of those who are not around, or you may be missing those family members who have moved further away from you. These factors can all lead to feelings of depression and isolation.

With the cold months upon us, it’s important to take action now and to keep the effects of loneliness away. Planning for your retirement isn’t simply about managing your finances; it’s also about taking into consideration your plan for the connections you want to cultivate moving forward, as well as ways to stay active. That’s where communities like ours can play a big role. You won’t find a better senior living community in the area to stay involved and engaged.

Keys to Well-Being and Engagement

Staying indoors more than you would like during winter will never be an issue at our upbeat community. We’re filled with fun-loving ways to stay engaged. Be entertained with performances, expand your mind with an educational seminar, or workout in a fitness class. You inspire us to fill our community calendar with the most popular senior offerings.  You can do something different here every day or simply retreat to a peaceful corner in one of our lounges with a good book.

Find out how to warm up at Mission Chateau. Call 913-490-7100 today.