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The Cost of Senior Living.

When choosing an independent, assisted living, skilled nursing, or memory community, cost is a key factor in the selection process. Making a plan for long-term care means having to calculate how far your money will go in the future to ensure you secure a happy and comfortable retirement.

What is the Average Cost of Senior Care?

According to Aging Care, the national median assisted living community cost for a one-bedroom is $4,051 per month. A nursing home with a semi-private room can be $7,513 per month, and a nursing community with a private room is $8,517 according to the 2019 Cost of Care Survey conducted by Genworth Financial.

Increasing Demand for Senior Living Care

The number of Americans ages 65 and older continues to grow. The number will nearly double from 52 million in 2018 to 95 million by 2060 according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

The rising number of seniors drives the demand for long-term care and its price. There have been changes in Medicare and Medicaid coverage as well which have caused some communities to raise their rates.

How Do Seniors Pay for Independent Living Communities?

The true test of how much it costs to live in a senior community is to add up first what it costs to live in your own home and then compare it to the fees in the new community you are considering.

Is your mortgage paid off? That helps but it doesn’t mean you’re living for free in your home. You still have your taxes to pay, homeowner’s insurance and home maintenance repairs.

Have you considered how you may have to modify your home for future health issues? For example, you may need grab bars in the bathroom down the road, widened doorways for walkers and wheelchairs and perhaps even ramps. There is a price to pay to make sure your home is easy to navigate and safe for your future.

A combination of private funds proceeds from the sale of a house, Social Security benefits, pension payments and retirement accounts can all help pay for senior living accommodations.  Veteran’s benefits and life insurance can also help.


At Mission Chateau, you’ll pay a single monthly payment. You’ll never again pay for home remodeling, new air conditioning, painting, landscaping or emergency home repairs that can surprise you. In addition, you eliminate the need for home health care service providers because all the care you need is right here on one campus. You’ll never have to change addresses again so you can happily live in the familiar surroundings with the friendly people you’ve become accustomed to. Our full continuum of care all on one campus is very reassuring. In addition to independent living, we have assisted living and memory care right here in our convenient Prairie Village, Kansas setting.

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When touring, ask what’s included in A SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITY.

There is so much included in the cost of a retirement community that it can often be a value compared to living in your own home. At your current residence, you are most likely paying for utilities, trash, gas, cable TV and Wi-Fi, homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, maintenance of your home’s exterior and yard and housekeeping. On top of that, consider what you would have to pay for a gym membership, daily fitness programs, entertainment, educational programs and social activities?

When you consider all you get in a retirement community, you’ll have a better idea of the real price you pay to stay living in your own home.

Our inspiring lifestyle includes top-notch amenities and services specifically designed for seniors that might cost you extra if you lived at home. You can take energizing classes in our fitness studio; swim in our heated pool; watch a movie in our theater; be spoiled in our on-site beauty and barber shop; and be a winner at billiards and other games in our well-appointed lounges. Corinth Square in Prairie Village is within walking distance of our community with all its shops, restaurants and services, so transportation costs can be saved.

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Once you start the process to identify the best senior living community, you may find it’s a lot of fun to look. Allow time to conduct a thorough search and ask all your questions. You’ll be surprised at the differences. At Mission Chateau, we’re anything but ordinary.

Contact us today to learn more about our Memory Care program and how it can help your loved one.