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Making the Move to a Senior Living Community.

No matter what your age, transitioning to a new residence can be difficult. But after living at the same address for many years, even decades, a move can be even harder on senior citizens.

Some seniors have little trouble adjusting to a new living situation and settle in seamlessly from day one. These seniors adapt quickly and eventually recognize that aspects of a senior living community that might have bothered them at first are actually beneficial.

For example, residents find it to be a tremendous relief to downsize and not worry about housekeeping and home upkeep. For other seniors who may have moved unwillingly, their negative feelings often turn into feelings of gratitude, based on the recognition that their family members were acting out of love when they suggested the move.

Senior living can be rewarding. From social and fitness opportunities, to friendly care and healthy meals, there are advantages to residing in a community designed solely for seniors. It’s a major life change so it’s not to be taken lightly. Whether you’re the one making the move to senior living, or you’re supporting and encouraging your loved one, the following ideas can help make the transfer easier and more comfortable.

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Adjusting to the Transition.

Take it slowly.
You may feel overwhelmed during a move if you’ve gone through a lot of changes in a short amount of time. Adjustments don’t happen overnight. There may be good days, and there might be some bad days, too. Just take it a day at a time and keep an open mind.

Maintain the same activities you love.
Just because you change addresses, your social life and hobbies should not slow down. Make sure you have access to transportation to make it to your church or house of worship, bridge club, recreational areas – whatever you found joy in before your move should still be easily available. Your life should not feel like you are confined to one building. Continue to maintain all the habits that make up your life.

In addition, if you didn’t already have activities you participated in before the move, try new things at your senior living community. While your participation in any event at our community is always your choice, some of the greatest friendships of your life could be around the next corner. We regularly host activities, events, classes, trips and programs that inspire camaraderie among residents and generate a sense of belonging.

Personalize your residence.
Most likely, you’ve recently downsized, but you may have kept your most cherished mementoes. Our staff is happy to help you hang photos and plants, arrange furniture and take extra things to your storage unit. You can even tailor your new space to resemble your old residence. For example, place your nightstand on the same side of your bed as it was in your home; put your phone near the same chair or on the table as it always was. You can reconstruct your last living arrangement to make it feel more familiar and comfortable. The more little touches you incorporate into your space, the more it will feel like home and the easier it will be to start viewing it as your own.

Make your preferences known.
We respect your choices – it’s the philosophy behind our YOUNITE program. It’s designed to enhance your total lifestyle experience. YOUNITE ensures you have resident choice; dining excellence; appreciated, responsive staff; a feeling of home; and community involvement.

Be honest with the staff about your likes, dislikes and lifestyle preferences. We’ll explain every aspect of our community, and if you have questions about anything, please ask. Our door is always open, and we listen to our residents. If you have any suggestions, compliments or constructive feedback for us, we’d love to hear.

Be in the know.
A distinctive feature at our community is our All About You Signature Program. It’s designed to help you lead your best life. From your initial visit, to the day you move in, and to the days ahead, we’ll give you and your family unprecedented personal service. You’ll have an ambassador to help you get better acquainted with our community and introduce you to others. You’ll be encouraged to socialize as much as you’d like.

Keep family and friends close.

It feels good to have those you love around you. Invite your favorite people to come share a meal or activity. Children, grandchildren, siblings or former neighbors will find plenty of space and ways to make new memories together.

Making the move to senior living shouldn’t be difficult. We’re here to make your transition to our community an easier one. If you haven’t visited us yet, we invite you schedule a private consultation and tour to meet our residents and staff.