Young carer supporting senior disabled woman with walking stick.

When to Move from Assisted Living to Memory Care.

If you or a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia is living in an assisted living community and simple tasks become more difficult, it may be time to consider moving to a memory care community. Although the health care professionals within your current community may be happy to help with a variety of caregiving needs, memory loss needs can be much greater and may become too much for the assisted living team to handle. You may find yourself filling in more of the caregiving gaps because the community is not fully equipped to care for seniors with the later stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Each person’s progression through the journey is different and you may not find any certain standard, clear-cut rule for when to move from assisted living to memory care.

  • Ask yourself if you feel comfortable leaving your loved one in the community.
  • Is your loved one likely to cause harm to others?
  • Is it safe for the person to stay in their current living environment?
  • Most importantly, consult with your loved one’s doctor or the assisted living community medical director.


According to U.S. News, people with dementia with certain kinds of behavior that affect their day-to-day living are better off in the memory care unit of a community. A dedicated memory care area or community can provide more comprehensive care by trained staff members in a secure environment.

What memory care requirements should you look for in a community? How do you know it will meet your family’s needs? You may find information online, by searching through your local neighborhood or following up on trusted leads.

How do you smoothly transition and move a parent to memory care?

You’ll find memory care answers to questions about evaluating memory care centers in our website blog. As you begin fine-tuning your community choices, Mission Chateau will probably rise to the top of your list to inquire about.

Our community has one of the most innovative approaches to senior memory care in the area. We take a person-centered approach to Alzheimer’s and dementia care to honor resident preferences and respect their dignity.

Within our coveted Johnson County, Kansas location, beautifully appointed interior surroundings and spacious rooms are anything but ordinary. But these are not the only reasons families prefer our memory care community for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia.


Skilled 24-hour nursing care is provided by our highly trained professional health care team, along with medication assistance and diabetes management. Much more than meeting senior memory care requirements, our team takes a person-centered approach and zeroes in on each individual’s needs. We know if they like their coffee with milk or cream, if they prefer their nail polish to be pink or clear and what hobby they like best.

We developed THRIVE programs to help individuals feel independent, maintain their existing skills, learn new ones and have fun. It takes a person-centered approach. Using an extensive life history tool, we create programs that are meaningful and inspired by residents. THRIVE is mindful of the five spheres of wellness: physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual.

Keeping a careful eye on how your loved one feels day-to-day is mandatory, and of course, we keep you informed every step of the way.


Completed in 2019, our $55 million community spans 18.4 acres in the heart of Prairie Village, Kansas and is one of the newest senior living communities to offer independent living, assisted living and memory care residential options on one campus.

With features like a soothing therapy pool to relax in, a movie theater for entertainment and a fitness studio with customized exercises to accommodate memory care needs, residents never need to leave Mission Chateau to fulfill their lifestyle needs. We even have an on-site beauty and barber salon to polish personal styles and pamper residents. There are multiple opportunities for socializing, recreation and activities tailored to preferences and abilities.


Flavorful, nutritious meals are served restaurant-style in our elegant dining room. Using local, fresh ingredients, our talented chef and cooks pay meticulous attention to each senior’s dietary needs and restrictions to create extraordinary dishes. Entrees range from seafood, chicken and beef to salads and sandwiches.

Mealtimes are important times for memory care residents, often even the highlight of their day, thanks to the socializing opportunities they provide. Friendly fellowship and lively conversations can make every day a good day.


Our memory care community was built from the ground up to feature the ultimate in safety and emergency response systems. You can have confidence our 24/7 skilled nursing care staff stands ready to aid your loved one. With our goal of helping people live longer, healthier and happier lives, you’ll find your loved ones are safer and better off living in our community than they are on their own.


The backbone of our community is the dedicated professionals who serve and befriend our residents. These talented RNs, nurse’s aides, medical directors, therapy specialists, sanitary staff, cooks and others are the smiling faces of our community. You won’t find friendlier people in the area. They’re the reason seniors feel immediately at home here and enjoy a true sense of belonging, which is so vital to those with memory loss and other cognitive disorders. Everything is in place to help your loved one lead a happy, comfortable, dignified life.

Contact us today to learn more about our memory care program and how it can help your loved one.