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The Mission Chateau residents in Prairie Village, KS, have two things in common: They’re the most interesting people we’ve ever met and they’re the friendliest. Meet our senior residents below.

Nancy a Mission Chateau Resident


After she lost her husband in 1994, Nancy had three knee operations – with a handful of falls in between. That’s when she decided an assisted living community would be her next step. “I lived alone in my own house, which was 3 blocks from here. And I watched as they built this. I had a feeling this is where I’d come.”

In Nancy’s 2-bedroom Mission Chateau apartment, one bedroom is her office, with its large desk and a computer. From there, she keeps tabs on the stock market and manages several rental properties and farms. She also loves to socialize and dine with her friends in the community’s dining room.

“I’ll tell you what. I like to sit down to eat where they serve you the food. And I like to have people to talk to at meals. At home, I have to admit, it would get a little boring sometimes,” she said. “And it’s hard to cook for one.”

Today, whether she’s playing bridge with friends, attending a presentation or performance in the piano room, or watching a movie in the in-house theater, Nancy takes life at her own pace. This teacher, businesswoman, traveler, violinist and mother is now a Mission Chateau resident, happily living alongside other great people. Her life remains full and fascinating.

Sandy, a Mission Chateau resident


Sandy and Larry lived happily in their large Overland Park home for many years. They raised a family. They took 55 cruises. And then, not too long ago, when Larry’s health began to decline, he suggested they look for another home, the right spot for whatever lay ahead.

Several of Sandy’s friends already lived at Mission Chateau. At their encouragement, she visited and knew immediately she’d found the place she and Larry were looking for. “There really was no comparison. Not in my mind.”

Larry and Sandy moved to Mission Chateau and were impressed from the start. “The staff here treat you like you’re the most important person. You get 100-percent attention. And if something breaks, they’re ready to help.”

When she first moved in, she thought she would miss her big house. “But I don’t,” she says, adding that she loves the apartment they chose. “It’s so much easier. I don’t have to think about cutting the grass – or any of the things that go wrong in a house. Everything is done, and I don’t have to worry.”

The supportiveness she found at Mission Chateau proved especially helpful for Sandy, because Larry passed soon after the two moved to the community. And now when Sandy remembers Larry’s suggestion that they move from their Overland Park house, when she considers how helpful the staff is, and when she thinks about her growing circle of friends in the community, she knows she and Larry succeeded in finding “the right spot.”

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Why did the Mission Chateau residents choose us?

Because they’re smart seniors that opted for a rental-based community.